Video Teaser for the next single 'One Day' on Facebook now!  

Hey guys! 

There is a short clip of the video for my next single on my Facebook page, so head on over and give it a like!   It's an animated video for 'One Day' created by New York film maker 'Jeff Scher' who has also made animations for the likes of Bob Dylan amongst others....Exciting!! :)  


Available on physical CDdownload from my website, iTunes, and all other platforms! 

Keep an eye on the Upcoming Shows page as we are adding more dates all the time!  Recent venues added include 'The Fleece' in Bristol and 'The Notes Cafe' in Southampton.

Hope to see you soon! 


"It's hard to listen to without sending a shiver down your spine every time his voice soars and then recoils into an emotive quiver" 
Paul Lester - The Guardian

"Quite possibly the quickest 5 minutes of my life, I was completely immersed in the music" 
Musical Love Affair

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