"It's hard to listen to without sending a shiver down your spine every time his voice soars and then recoils into an emotive quiver"
Paul Lester - The Guardian
"The ‘What it Is’ track taken from his new album ‘Shadow Lake’ has all the bearings of something surrounded in the midst of Dorset, where the majority of this EP was written by Alex over a period of self-reflection; and future acceptance."
"Quite possibly the quickest 5 minutes of my life, I was completely immersed in the music"  
Billy Harrington - Musical Love Affair  
"Shadow Lake" is a Masterpiece of a song; this record can change your mood in seconds. It will really blow your mind!  
"Alex [Hedley] owned the stage with his set, immediately taking over the room with his soul bearing lyrics and vocals. The clarity in his vocal delivery succeed in drawing the audience in to moments of complete engrossed passion..."
"Hedley has the talent and the ambition to go far and create something truly memorable. He walks a different path that sets him apart from most of vast folk scene and he has now shown that he can replicate it live. This is certainly someone to keep an eye on."
Belwood Music

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